Hexi Festival Top

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I love designing and making crochet garments for my step- daughter because she really likes this fun boho style and the tops look great on her, okay, everything looks great on her. This top is really simple to make and starts with two large granny hexagons for the front and back panels.  After I made the two large hexagons, I simply built up the neck and back with a granny stitch, then added more granny stitches for the two side panels and seamed those to the back hexagon.  For this top, I used 6 different colors of Paintbox yarn cotton DK and a 3.5 mm hook. I think a DK weight yarn will work best with this pattern and the cotton is nice and light so the garment does not feel too heavy and gives a beautiful fit. The model is a size small and thus this pattern will fit a small beautifully. I did not include larger sizes because since its a simple hexagon, the best way to make this top is try it on while making the garment and you can always add or take away rounds as needed for your bust size. Its going to be a form fitting top, so in order to be really accurate with the sizing, its best to do it this way. This is such a simple project which you can easily customize to fit how you want. Of course, you can use any colors you want for this or keep it simple and use one solid color. I had a few 50 gram skeins of the painbox DK in just these single colors, so this was a great project to use up those single color skeins or even scrap yarns that you might have lying around.






Painbox Yarns Cotton DK  (1 skein each)

Daffodil Yellow

Lime Green

Bright Peach

Mandarin Orange

Pistachio Green

Light Camel

3.5 mm crochet hook

6.5 mm crochet hook (for strap)

tapestry needle

Hexagons (make two)

With 1st color, make a magic ring

Round 1: Ch 3, dc in ring, ch 2, (2 dc in ring, ch 2) 5 times, join with sl st to 3rd ch of beg ch-3. Finish

Round 2: With a new color, join with a standing dc into any ch-2 corner space,
dc in same space, ch 2, 2 dc in same space (corner made), ch 1, *2 dc in next ch-2 corner
space, ch 2, 2 dc in same space, ch 1, repeat from * 4 more times, join with sl st to beg standing dc.
Finish off.

Round 3: With a new color, join with a standing dc into any ch-2  corner space,  dc in same space, ch 2,
2 dc in same space (corner made), ch 1, *2 dc in next ch-1 space, ch 1, in next corner space 2
dc, ch 2, 2 dc, ch 1, repeat from * 4 more times, 2 dc in last ch-1 space, ch 1, join with sl st to beg standing dc. Finish off.
Rounds 4-12:  Changing colors as needed, continue working in same pattern as round 3, working additional sets of (2 dc, ch
1) in every ch-1 space for each side of your work. Round 3 had one set of 2 dc on each side (between
corners), Round 4 will have 2 sets, Round 5 will have 3 sets, Round 6 will have 4 sets, Round 7 will have 5 sets, Round 8 will have 6 sets and so on.

Fasten off.


ADD THE SIDE PANELS (to one hexagon only)



Row 1:  Start in any corner of the the 1st hexagon. Attach new yarn with a standing dc into the Ch 2 space of the corner, dc into same space. *Ch 1, 2 dc into next Ch 1 space. (cluster)*  Repeat from *to* 10 times until you reach the Ch 2 space of the next corner  of the hexagon working 2 dc’s into that corner. (13  clusters)

Row 2: Ch 4, (counts as 1st dc and ch1) turn, 2 dc, Ch 1 into next Ch 1 space of previous row (between 2 clusters of previous row) repeat 11 times work 1 dc into the 1st standing dc of the previous row. (12 clusters)

Row 3: With new color, work a standing dc into 1st st. (last dc of previous row), turn, 1 dc into 1st ch 1 space of previous row to form the first cluster. *Ch 1, 2 dc into next ch 1 space of previous row (between 2 clusters of previous row)*  Repeat *to* 10 times, work 1 dc into the ch 1 sp between the last dc and cluster of the previous row and work 1 dc into the 3rd ch of the ch 4  of the previous row (13 clusters)

Row 4: Ch 4, turn, 2 dc  ch 1 into next ch 1 space of previous row.* Repeat from *to* 11 times, 1 dc into standing dc of previous row. (12 clusters)

Row 5-10: Repeat rows 3 and 4,  3 times.

Then repeat this process on the opposite side of the same hexagon, forming the 2 side panels. As stated previously, you can adjust for sizing here at the side panels by adding or subtracting rows. The 2 side panels will attach to the 2nd hexagon which is the back panel. 


Before attaching the side panels to the back panel you will create the neck by using the exact same process as with the side panels, but this will of course be worked into the top side of the hexagon,  between the two side panels. For the neck (front and back)  I added 14 rows of granny stitches, but again, you can customize this by trying on the garment to make sure it fits you perfectly, and that the top sits just above the collar bone. Keep in mind, you will be folding over about  4 rows on each side to create the neck strap. With the second hexagon (back panel) add 14 rows of granny stitches to form the upper back/neck.  


Now that you have completed the front and back panels to include the collar bone area and upper back, simply seam each of the side panels evenly onto the corresponding sides of the back hexagon. I used my crochet hook and seamed mine together using a single crochet. This method does accentuate the seam and raises it up. But I just like the look of it and I think it gives it a nice texture. Now would be a good time to try the garment on to make sure it fits properly and you do not need to add or subtract rows for the neck, Keep in mind, you will be folding over about 4 rows on each side in order to create the opening for the neck strap.  Once the sides are seamed together you can add a single crochet border around the entire garment, you will need this especially around the bottom edges to attach the fringe, I added I color fringe to each single crochet along the entire bottom of the piece.


Fold over the 1st 4 rows of the neck and back and secure with stitch markers evenly. Make sure you have formed an opening large enough to slip a thick chain all the way through to come out the other end like a drawstring.  Using your preferred method sew the folded piece over to attach, forming the opening for the strap.  MAKE SURE YOU SEW ON THE WRONG SIDE, OR INSIDE OF THE GARMENT SO THE STITCHES ARE INVISIBLE.  Do the same procedure on the back panel so that the chain can go through both pieces.


Make a thick strap by putting together one strand of each color I used (5 strands) and simply chaining 100 with the 5 strands together using a 6.5 mm hook. Make your strap as long as you want but long enough so that you can easily tie it. Put the strap through the front and back openings that you created, tie up your top and head to the beach!!