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Repurpose a hutch for craft and yarn storage

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A pretty and practical yarn storage solution


I am admittedly, a yarn junkie. I cant stop buying yarn, I just can’t. If you are anything like me and your yarn inventory seems to be growing exponentially, or if you are just starting out and are looking for some inspirational yarn storage ideas then keep reading!

This whole yarn storage situation has been a bit of an evolutionary process for me.  When I first started crocheting, I had no idea how to buy yarn so I just bought whatever I could find on sale that I thought looked pretty.  I have some regrets (and lots of unused yarn) about the way I was purchasing, I just didn’t have enough experience.

For example, if I found some yarn on sale, I bought like 10 skeins of it, but in all different colors. I soon learned how impractical this was, since I couldn’t really complete a large project like a sweater unless I wanted it to look like an easter egg.  Also, I bought way too much yarn just because it was on sale without really knowing what kind of project I was going to use it for and whether or not I really enjoyed working with that particular yarn.

My first and not so great storage idea

So at first and without really putting too much thought into it, I figured I would just buy a few of those standard decorative storage baskets for my stash. So I ended up with about 6 of those, and they worked for a while. As the stash grew I had to put baskets on top of one another, and that just looked terrible. I couldn’t see all my yarn.  What’s the point of having yarn if you cant admire it? So things were getting a little out of hand as you can see. I needed some yarn storage help.

Trying once again to clean up the yarn mess

My next bright idea was this cool wall shelf set up. It was unique, and at first I could see all the yarn so I never felt like I was missing anything. The wall shelves were actually a very inexpensive and easy project.

  • I bought some unfinished wooden crates, again from the craft store, with a coupon or sale of course.
  • Spray paint.  It was easy, fast, and it worked great. I do not recommend trying to hand paint these unless you sand them really well first.
  • My husband screwed the crates to the wall, leaving space between in between for extra storage.

It did look pretty cool, but this one didn’t last very long either. I had 2 main problems with this set up. First, even though I had painted the crates, they still had some splinters and rough parts on the. The splinters caused the yarn to snag on the wood really easily. Second, (and I should have seen this coming) the stash just grew and grew and things started spilling over, falling out, and just generally looking pretty sloppy. As you can see below, it did look pretty and it could work well if you can control your yarn habit which I cannot.

yarn storage shelf

yarn storage desk

At last, the yarn/craft hutch. My yarn storage solution

This is certainly the best option to date. The piece that I purchased holds much more than the shelves or the baskets did and it looks much tidier. Before, it just kind of looked like I had a bunch of yarn spilling out all over my dining room. Now, it looks like an actual piece of furniture that belongs there. Something I would place in this room, even if it wasn’t filled to the brim with yarn. I am really happy with how this one turned out.  It looks beautiful and was pretty simple to accomplish. There were tons of china cabinet/hutches on Facebook for sale in my area.  When I saw this one, I knew it would be perfect and the seller was right in my neighborhood. It is solid wood and weighs a ton.  It was seriously dirty and needed a good cleaning but it didn’t have a single scratch on it. And the best part, this beautiful yarn storage hutch only cost me about $165 including all the supplies.

Now the fun part! Repurposing the hutch for yarn storage.

  • I gave it a good cleaning with soap and water and used a toothbrush in all the little grooves.
  • Two dirty mop buckets later, I lightly sanded it just to scuff the surface so the paint would stick.
  • Then, I painted it with BEHR chalk paint from Home Depot. (no need to prime if using chalk paint)
    • timeless blue for the inside and Farmhouse white for the outside.
  • I used a small roller for the flat surface areas, but I had to use the brush for the majority of the project. It took about 3 coats and 1 can of white to completely cover the wood. I probably only used 1/3 of a can of the blue. (I spilled 1/3 of the can on the floor, which I don’t recommend.)
  • Next, I spray painted the mesh design with black spray paint.
  • For the final touch, I changed the hardware to these really pretty black knobs.


The final result, is even better than I expected. I am so happy to finally have a permanent yarn storage space that is highly functional and looks beautiful in my house. Now, if I could just stop buying yarn!


hutch yarn storage painted hutch chalk painhutch yarn storage chalk pain repurpose furniture white painted hutch


yarn storage repurposed huthc

yarn storage hutch chalk paint white paint